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Or in the Animate scenes, and CSP files, as it were. This is going to be a little less formal than normal, as it's going to be full of sketches and scrapped content! Also since the only hands that were involved in this in the long run were a certain Piconjo and a certain Pepperly, I get to make a PP joke right here: Peepee. Ohhohohohoh

Welcome to Friday Night Funkin vs Piconjo: Lost Bits!

If you haven't checked out the mod, I have everything you need to see over here:

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Anyway, I just want to show off some stuff you wouldn't see otherwise, since a lot of random brainstorming went into this and idk this could be interesting for someone.

Some of my original sketches and poses. Gremlin Rumble Piconjo (piconjo-v in the files) is mostly based off of these. While I don't mind the gestures overall, in gameplay they ended up way too weak.


Second-pass sketches done in Animate. I drew off these in particular, though I'm fairly iterative with my process, so it's still not quite how they ended up in-game. I update lines and motions as I go because I prefer going with what "feels good" and tweaking it from there.


I had already had most of the spriting/animation done at this time, so he looks more solid here. I capped some of his movements from Rumble for inspiration and I especially like how goofy his wind-up left pose is.


Rumble Piconjo animations. I worked and reworked Up rather than cloning it and restarting, so only this version exists, but I remember being settled on it for a couple days and going back to it He leaned back much farther at some point. I hated the kick animation in-game. I think I went with the V2s of everything for release.


In the end I wasn't entirely pleased with how it looked, and a day or two before the Virgin v Chad meme Piconjo posted I started reworking him from scratch after reading that Piconjo was no longer a fan of the Rumble look. This was a super early version (his hair isn't even filled in all the way), and while it was ... okay, I still wasn't really settled. This is really rough and I'm overall less happy with it than the above one, so that one got released as the Rumble version instead.


Around this point, I had asked or was planning to ask permission to use the song, and wanted to do a "Loves You" special animation comparable to the Hey and Cheer animations of BF and GF respectively. That up pose evolved into the *gestures at crotch* pose that Real Piconjo gets. The left Down pose here inspired the above pose, since I think I was playing with the layering animation.


I edited the Menu Art at this point, removing the bullets on his chest belt thing (I don't have records of that).Once I was aware of the Virgin vs Chad meme, I dropped everything but the background.


Which I dropped later anyway. I hate this with a passion. It's not even a good base. The skybox was nice though, so I kept that, but I hated this room setting. Something about the portal being in a room? I don't know. Once I joined the Piconjer Pals discord I'd later asked what teh Pr0ta1 looked like, and was given quite an image. I wasn't up for drawing that when the FNF fandom is so inundated with a huge amount of children, and also I knew I'd host gameplay on Youtube, so I was inspired by the original image to turn it into the wasteland you see in-game.


Here's a sketch of how I was going to tweak the V2 Piconjo, paired with what ended up being the Real Piconjo. These sketches came a lot easier than my previous attempts and I knew I was on a roll. His proportions are loosely referenced from Earthworm Jim, also a cheery Left pose sketch.


And I don't have any lost animations for this version of Piconjo, other than a few cases of tweaked legs (you can see the difference in the meme image from last Newspost).

Also! I'm on the wallpaper too. Thanks for letting me join @prosciuttoman & @piconjo and all the Piconjer Pals


I did this in like 10 minutes tops, ahaha.